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hunted by the american dream
Saturday, April 24, 2004  
Hey bitches. If y'alls in Hyde Park tonight, stop by my place for my birthday party. A hot Spanish man will be present.

In the meanwhile, John Kerry is a douche bag, but I'm voting for him anyway. Thanks, Wonkette.

4:41 PM

Wednesday, April 21, 2004  
Okay, so I'm totally in love with Kill Bill. Fucking Daryl Hannah! She alone is really enough for me to fall completely in love with the movies.

Sara and I made burgers at her place on Sunday night, after which the boys and I watched Volume 1. When the movie ended, and 2 AM rolled around, I wanted to see Volume 2 IMMEDIATELY. I went yesterday afternoon to watch it. No one was free, so I went by myself, which was actually kind of fun. Then I met Eric and we headed further north to see Air at the Riviera. They played a good show - it was short (about an hour), but they played the good stuff from the new album and some of the big "hits" from their previous three albums. When the show ended I was almost shocked - they didn't spend three hours playing like my husband did. The shorter one is cute, and has a really nice ass, actually. SO MUCH BACKLIGHT, too. They must have enjoyed looking at us while they played.

So I walked around campus for part of the day whistling like Daryl Hannah does, just to see the looks I'll get from people.

Oh my...the Astralwerks site has a track by track VIDEO interview with the Air boys.

Claire said that I look like I'm in kind of a bad mood. Aside from being sick, I'm just worried about getting a job and an apartment. And my CD player broke. But seriously. I have now called and emailed Peter about setting up an interview, especially because I'll be going out of town next week, but I haven't heard a thing. Anyway,

She's so totally wrong.

Downstate twisters.

5:51 PM

Wednesday, April 14, 2004  
Oh, I guess I should post, but I don't have that much I care to write about. Tonight is my feature film debut, which Fire Escape produced, and they're calling it "It's not Elimidate: so don't sue us."

Monday and Tuesday were really big prospie days. I was very, very exhausted.

On Saturday night my shower decided to start vomiting up dirt from the drain. It still has not been fixed.

The last minute or so of Sondre Lerche's "Maybe You're Gone" are absolutely beautiful.

I looked at a great studio apartment yesterday.

When Christopher, Chris, Joe, Austin and I write our play Sweatshop!: The Musical it has to feature a scene where one of the characters jumps from a CTA walkover onto a train that's passing by underneath.

And I'm fascinated by Michael Andrews' cover of Tears for Fears' "Mad World."

Miu showed me the way of Frederic Michalak.

7:43 PM

Sunday, April 11, 2004  
Happy Easter, everyone! I thought about going to Mass today, actually.

I don't have that much to report...earlier today the boys and I had French toast with berries and Marscapone. So, sooooo good. Last night my roommates and I had dinner with them and then we showed them some of a Bel Ami Personal Trainers video which featured a double penetration, which was really hot.

I've been reading Queer Street somewhat obsessively since I got back from New York City, and it's really, really good. I definitely recommend it. The first part was especially entertaining - thinking about his adolescence, he looks at gay life through the eyes of various movies, like Magnificent Obsession and All About Eve. Something else I found interesting: the extensive exploration of the gay subculture of the 1950s, which was, as I knew, very active. All of the voices he "records" bemoan their closeted, depressed, homosexual state, but still continue to participate actively in that culture, and to adopt it into their lives.

Choose your own savior.
Memo, August 6, 2001
1, 2, 3, 4, Anne Applebaum declares culture war!

4:55 PM

Friday, April 09, 2004  
Still no further news on the job front. In the meantime, though, I have made an appointment to look at an apartment up in Boystown for Tuesday. Christopher's going to come with me, I think. Creepily, though, the building where I'm looking is on the same block where a man was found murdered a few weeks ago.

Yesterday I woke up at two. As in two in the afternoon. It was pretty awesome, actually. My roommates have been calling me a lazy ass and giving me all kinds of shit for being so lazy lately, but I feel kind of like it's okay. I worked really hard in college, and I worked really hard in high school. It is, I think, about time for my arrival. I should be able to sit at home all day and let the highlights of my day be reading Queer Street and then watching The Simpsons and Will & Grace, cheeseball that I am.

So, what do we think: Is she? Or isn't she? (a lesbian, that is)

I just looked to see if Lynne Cheney's lesbian novel was in the stacks at our library, but it turns out that it isn't. Sad. But, along the same lines, Where is Mary Cheney?

It kind of bothers me that the whole situation in Massachusetts got so much attention and then quickly fizzled out. I mean, the compromise amendment passed, people! Hello!

Tomorrow night I'm going to take my South African roommate to her first gay bar. Because, as she said to me, "gay people don't exist where I'm from."

I'm running out of things to say, so I'm going to go back to reading.

Dan Savage gets married.

I should also study for my exam that's coming up in a month. Woops.

5:56 PM

Tuesday, April 06, 2004  
Sorry it's been so long. Not being a student is, frankly, awesome. I went out last night with my roommates and, since I didn't feel like waking up this morning, didn't. Until noon. And so far today I have applied for two jobs and am about to apply for a third. I'm at work, too. So yeah, I'm a tres productive member of society.

My pictures from New York are in. They're pretty good, and I'll try to post some of them soon.

I AM MY OWN WIFE wins the 2004 Pulitzer for Drama.

5:26 PM

Thursday, April 01, 2004  
Okay, oh my God, you totally need to stop yelling at me. I've been busy. I woke up on Monday morning, after getting drunk and watching porn with the boys to celebrate our return, and thought, "what DO I want to do today?" And then I realized that I actually have a lot to do. My quarter of fun is going to be a little less slackerish than I thought.

Last night I participated in "Eliminate your Date," a sort-of rip off of Elimidate (all right reserved, of course) for the University's Global AIDS Campaign. Fire Escape, the film group on campus, filmed it, and it will be screened two weeks from yesterday - so if you're interested in seeing my feature film debut, come on down to Hyde Park. My old roommate Claire did it and wanted to do a whole mix of them, and mine was the gay group. I got Joe, Christopher, and Austin to do it, and Claire asked Laura to be in the group as well - the caveat being that I had to pick Laura. So Christopher became Stephan (pronounced "Schteffen" with an accompanying foot stamp), Joe became raver DJ Sparkle Prince, Austin became Dallas from Dallas, and Laura became Laquanda DiMaggio Smith-Wesson (like the gun and the oil). It was quite a riot, we were all a little tipsy from the drinks we had beforehand, Joe went down on an eggroll, Christopher kept talking about fisting, Laura and I made out twice, and I am apparently pregnant with her child, who we're choosing to call Tacquese.

The trip was pretty amazing for the rest of the time I was there. Over two beers on an empty stomach at a Chinese restaurant called Pig Heaven on the Upper East Side last Tuesday, I actually thought about not coming back. BTW, I'm totally becoming an Upper East Side princess when I move to the city. On Sunday night I went out to my crazy aunt's and uncle's place on Long Island with all the boys for dinner. We left late and we got lost, so we arrived there really late. But, despite their craziness, they were very hospitable. Note to self: only ever take train when leaving Manhattan. Further note to self: do not leave Manhattan. That night we stayed in Montclair, New Jersey at Christopher's aunt's place. We woke up late on Monday and then made breakfast while listening to WNYC. Well, actually, Princess Chris slept while Joe and Christopher made French toast and I continually refilled coffee mugs. Then we split up - Chris and I went into the city, dropped our stuff off with Deborah and met Sophie for dinner in Chelsea and drinks at this lovely bar called the Cubby Hole on the border of the Village and Chelsea. On Tuesday I did some reading in Central Park, saw the Chuck Close at the Met, and we tried to take in a show - but TKTS tickets to see Bernadette in Gypsy were a little expensive for being half-price. Since it was Chris's last night in town, after the awesome Chinese dinner and Queer Eye at Deborah's, we took him out dancing at Splash Bar, where we saw LIVE RIMMING! Yes, that's right, one of the go-go boys went right down and started licking it up on one of the other go-go boys. Afterwards we went to the Donut Pub (the Donut Pub! How cool is that?) so that Christopher and I could sober up. Wednesday we ate at H&H and then I took Chris to the airport and then roamed the Upper West Side. I met back up with Joe and Christopher and we went up to Washington Heights and had Indian dinner with Sophie and David (yes, THAT David from the last time I was in NYC). Thursday morning, after a fight and a makeup, Joe and Christopher and I went down to Herald Square to meet his Aunt Ann Marie for lunch. She walked us around her office and introduced us to everyone, but called us all Christopher's "friends." Even though she knows and is fine and supportive about Joe and Christopher. Then we went to lunch at a French place called La Belle Vie in Chelsea and the first thing she asks us is, "So, of all the men that I work with, that I introduced you to, who's gay?" And we just said, at the same time, "All of them except the guy who was on Queer Eye and the one who's having a baby!" After lunch we got coffee from the Big Cup (of COURSE we have to see all the gay sites), Joe and Christopher shopped while I watched, we friend-broke up with Mark in Times Square, had a great time at teany, and ate dinner at the Three of Cups, a Sicilian restaurant on the Lower East Side. Then we went back up to Washington Heights, where I stayed while the boys went out to Jersey. On Friday morning I returned a book, bought coffee from Fairway (two pounds for $11!), dropped David's keys off to him at Christie's, and took the PATH into Jersey City, where I was to meet the boys for lunch with Christopher's French grandmother. I said good-bye to Manhattan while looking on the downtown skyline from the PATH station, smoking a cigarette, and reading James Baldwin.

Then we drove to Buffalo and spent a couple of nights there with Joe's family. Then we came home.

One speeding ticket + one burgled apartment + two jobs lost - one friend + extensive liver damage + no money = We're in for a karmic turnaround.

He owes me one. But he knows.

R.I.P, Karl Weintraub.

7:34 PM

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