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hunted by the american dream
Sunday, March 21, 2004  
Holy shit, again. I fucking love NYC. Last night he and I hit the East Village and went to Phoenix and The Cock, where we could smoke inside, saw two men jacking each other off, and watched the dancer stroke his very own cock while people touched it. Did we pay him to do the same? Maybe. Just maybe.
11:37 PM

Thursday, March 18, 2004  
Holy shit! Thanks, Wonkette.
7:06 PM

Holy shit. In 24 hours I'll be on the road, probably somewhere in Ohio. We'll go to the gym at the hotel as soon as we get into Pittsburgh.

I turned my exam for Hell in today. I keep trying to tell myself that it is NOT OKAY if I try to work on my div school paper when I get back, even though JBE said it wouldn't be a huge deal as long as we didn't mind a blank spot next to our grade.

On Saturday I'll be meeting Ryan in NYC, who's coming down from Boston. We're going to tear up the town (and probably our livers, too, given our track record).

I am very excited to take a shower that counts.

Okay, this will probably be the last time that I post before I don't know when. I'll try to post in NYC to give some kind of update, but I'll be bouncing around a lot, so I can't be sure.

6:40 PM

Wednesday, March 17, 2004  
Are you as excited as I am to see the new Mandy Moore movie, Saved? Well, you should be. The trailer includes a scene where Ms. Moore hurls a Bible at one of her fellow actors (which connects with the girl's neck) and screams, "I am FILLED with the love of Christ!"
6:09 PM

Go Barack!

But, along those same lines, how is it that Illinois ended up with a Senatorial contest between two political hotties?

SEEN LAST NIGHT: On the 5600 block of Blackstone Avenue in Chicago, Illinois, an overturned vehicle. Yes, that's right. It did not look as if it had been in an accident, it was just upside down, running west-east across the street, on its roof with its nose pointing to the ground. It was a black SUV, I think, and it looked kind of like it was spinning like a top.

The Chauncey exam is done. Off to the Enlightenment take-home exam and then my div-school paper, which I will hopefully finish before we leave on Friday. Speaking of which: on Friday, I will officially be a registered student in good standing at The University of Chicago. Friday is also technically my last day of school, since I'm taking a leave of absence next quarter. I have my "leave of absence appointment" then. Way to be on the ball with that shit.

And then Friday afternoon we leave for the trip. We're stopping over in Pittsburgh to stay at the Omni William Penn and then we'll be in NYC on Saturday night. I got a haircut done by some friends to prepare. Oh, yes. But definitely. I am so fucking ready to be there.

5:49 PM

Tuesday, March 16, 2004  
What I'm doing right now:

Although the spread of prosperity, home ownership, and stable employment in the postwar period was supposed to have erased class stratification and to have produced a homogenous middle-class society, class differences continued to be manifest in - and accentuated through - differences in and debates over taste, housing, attitudes toward white-collar work, and the war in Vietnam. Taking two of these debates, discuss the ways in which people talked about class through talking about those issues and, in general, analyze how, why, and to what extent class was linked to cultural differences and political debates. Be sure to explore change over time. You should refer to at least three readings and at least one film.

3:03 PM

Monday, March 15, 2004  
Haha! I said I was going on blogging silence, but I LIED. FOOLED YOU, motherfuckers.

Anyway, it was mostly because I'm at work, a little bored, want to procrastinate, and had to share the following news stories with everyone:
Britney to start her own cosmetics line. This girl is like, oh my God, so talented!
From Variety (you have to pay) Oh my God! Gay people are involved in Broadway shows!

I love being a Democrat in Chicago. They want you to vote so very very bad that there's a website that told me today where I'm supposed to go vote tomorrow and that I'm eligible to do so. Go Barack!

I finished writing my paper for Lilla, and mailed it today. There is no longer any reason for me to speak to him for the rest of my (and his) life. Woohoo! Only three more things to go and I am DONE with classes and will be off to NYC on Friday!

5:39 PM

Saturday, March 13, 2004  
Actually, we're planning on keeping the place when I move in.


I'm going on blogging silence until finals are over. And who knows if I'll be able to post once I'm in NYC? Again, if you're reading this and want to be my museum date, email me!

5:28 PM

Thursday, March 11, 2004  
On the "Senior Night at the Pub" mugs...
The University of Chicago: where pretension and debauchery are not mutually exclusive

Sign of my celebrity (get over yourself! --ed.):
Upon leaving Bar Night last night at one of our fine fraternities, I heard someone say, "Jon Ryan Quinn!?!? At Bar Night?!?!?"

Finals week looms.

8:57 PM

Wednesday, March 10, 2004  
Whew! Trying to get a job is really hard and confusing.

I actually called my parents and asked them for advice, something that I have not done in - well, that I have not done. At least not since I moved to college. It was actually really nice. I had to talk to someone about it, and I can't really talk to people here about it because it's kind of a sensitive issue, so I thought, "well, I go call my parents." And I talked to my dad and he gave me some good advice.

And I am trying not to freak out.

But the advice he gave me is really good and will help me in the non-freaking out side of things.

One of his pieces of advice led me to decide that I'm (probably) going to take a leave of absence next quarter.

Just as an FYI: Chi Chi La Rue's website is so totally not safe for work. Be advised.

Did you know that Chi Chi has directed 98 movies since 1989?

Academics are SO overworked!

6:10 PM

Tuesday, March 09, 2004  
The last of the wit and wisdom of Jean Bethke Elshtain:
"Hitler was a vegetarian so you were supposed to get people to eat crunchy granola all the time."
"I think dehumanization is, finally, kind of dull."
On humans in the Rousseauian state of nature: "If they're hungry, they go munch on some berries."

Hi all. It's tenth week at the U of C, also known as the penultimate level of Hell. Finals week being THE ultimate level of Hell. Today was my last day of classes for the quarter - and quite possibly my last day of classes ever. And it was a slightly anticlimactic day. I ran into one of my bosses from the summer at the Performance Studies conference that I helped David with over the weekend. I told her that I was applying for the job at the MCA and she was so excited. She promised to talk to Greg on Monday (yesterday) and she said that I would be perfect for the job. And one of my spies in the Administration department told me that they just finished sorting through all the apps and would be contacting people soon. If I get the job, I would take a leave of absence from classes for next quarter, quit all of my jobs, and go to work full time. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but it's a little too late.

Today was "Senior Apprecation Day" at the Einstein Brothers' Bagels on campus. Which, of course, was sponsored by the people who are running the Senior Class Gift Fund. It was a fundraiser under the guise of a free bagel and coffee. Anyway, I go up to the desk to get my ticket for my free stuff, and am asked if I've given to the fund. I say no, and the girl behind the table asks if I will. "I guess," I say, and then my friend Anju (who's on the committee) walks up behind me to pick up her ticket and says, "Hey, Jon, don't forget to give to the Senior Class Gift." I say, "Hey, Anju. I'm thinking about it. But I've got to be honest with you. This school has seriously dicked me over for the past four years about money, and I'm really not in the mood right now."

And the girl behind the table just says, "Oh, yeah, that happens to all of us!" with this blank smile on her face. It takes all the energy I can gather to pick up my ticket and walk away instead of saying, "Listen. No, you don't REALIZE the way in which this school has seriously fucked me over financially. Don't try to empathize with me by pulling that culture of complaint shit."

So: thank you, U of C, for this absolutely wonderful education. Seriously. It's been amazing and I've become a much deeper-thinking person because of it (contrary to what some professors might think). But please. Don't ask me for money right now. Wait ten years. I won't forget you. We're hitched for life.

Here is the website for the Senior Class Gift Fund.

The show went pretty well. We made a lot of money, the staff seemed, in the end, to have learned a lot and had a productive time (with a few exceptions). The actors really seemed to have gotten a lot out of it. It's hard, though, to reorient my focus back to school and away from the show. I spent the entire day on Sunday off-campus: at home, at power breakfast, at home again watching ONE TREE HILL, at the boys' to watch SIX FEET UNDER until 4 AM. I've got a paper due on Friday, another due on Monday, a take-home exam due Tuesday, and another take-home due on Thursday. And then on Friday I LEAVE FOR NYC! I'M SO FUCKING EXCITED. I've already warned Joe and Christopher and Chris that I'm going to need an afternoon to spend quality time with my discman and Manhattan. And I'm going to pick up my museum pass tomorrow, so I'll be able to get in to any of the museums for free (plus a guest for free. If you'll be in NYC and want to be that guest, email me at jrquinnATuchicagoDOTedu).

That's all for now. Blargh, I guess. Here are some links:

Slate calls the former head of my department a "silly ass!"

Danielle Allen, a former professor of mine who is both a great teacher and an amazing thinker, to become U of C's Dean of the Humanities.

A rather poorly-written Trib article about the "flourishing" of gay studies mentions Chauncey. Apparently I was in the picture from the photo shoot, but I haven't seen the print version.

Chris is quoted in this local gay paper's article about Chauncey.

Gay and Republican, but not necessarily disloyal to the President.

5:54 PM

Thursday, March 04, 2004  
Grrr. Email is down. For the entire university. And for someone who doesn't have a phone, this is a big problem. Oh, well.

Right now they're at "The Meek Shall Inherit" in the show; I'm sitting in the Green Room/Lounge waiting for it to be over. I want to do some reading, but it's hard for me to pay attention to anything else when the show's going on - my focus has been so primarily on it for the past few days. Although Chauncey came to see it last night with his partner and a friend, and gave a five minute semi-joking soliloquy about why we should go see it because it relates so well to the themes of the postwar class.

I may be in the Chicago Tribune on Sunday! Stay tuned for details.

Oh, and since I have nothing to do after June, I'm filling out an application to be on season 2 of THE APPRENTICE. Yes, that's right. I've got nothing else to do.

Only two more weeks until NYC.

9:27 PM

Happy Birthday, Chicago!

WBEZ's "essential" Chicago book list

The "W the President" line: for the trendy, urban Republican. (this is for real)

12:30 PM

Tuesday, March 02, 2004  
Check out this new HRC commercial supporting marriage.

It's not very well-made and the point is a little belabored, but it's true.

8:31 PM

I was crossing the street like my own Rubicon

Mental health days are really, really good. Work on the show has been pretty stressful since last week, especially considering I spent all weekend (and a beautiful, beautiful weekend it was) inside the Reynolds Club running back and forth. We've had a couple of stressful production meetings, and they're especially stressful for me because it's my job to tie everyone and everything together and push things forward. So my stomach sends most of the meeting churning up and down. But it's almost done. After tonight, no more production meetings. The show opens tomorrow and ends on Saturday.

Back to mental health days, though. After the production meeting ended at around 11 last night, most of the production staff headed over to Jimmy's for a much-needed post-meeting drink. I wasn't there for very long, and only had two drinks, but on the walk over there I realized that there wasn't much of a point to going to class this morning because I hadn't had a chance to do the reading because of the show. We had to read half a book for today. When I woke up this morning at 11 I decided that there wasn't much point to going to my 1:30 class either. So I did laundry, made breakfast, listened to some Tavis, read some Horkheimer/Adorno, and some of the book I need to finish for class. Now I'm on campus, working in the basement, and then I have to go upstairs to finish the run. So I'll still put in about seven hours today.

I realize that I haven't posted about two Saturday nights ago, and it seems really silly, so I'll summarize the rest of the gay weekend. Saturday I helped Tom pick out stuff to wear for the party, took a nap, went to see SubUrbia at UT, and then went to the gayboy party. I'd had three cosmopolitans and applied eye makeup with Joe, Christopher, Chris, and Austin before anyone got there. It was pretty crazy. I accosted the boy who bought me at the date raffle, saw some lesbian sex (and some lesbian ass cleavage/thong), sat next to some gay male frottage, drunk-bonded with some of the boys who I find slightly less than stellar. At the end of the night I grabbed the last remaining hard liquor at the party (it was Dimitri Vodka, no less) and announced to the kitchen, "Hey! This is mine. I'm in charge of it. If you want some, I'll give it to you. But you have to ask. But I'll give it to you," and then proceeded to pour shots into people's open mouths. Meanwhile, Joe was pouring himself shots of Seagram's 7 whiskey, only to have Christopher dump them out in the sink before he could down them. We had a big gay slumber party at my place and woke up my roommate. The next day, unshowered with my makeup still on, I loaded in my show and then went straight up to help Mark move out of his place. He gave Joe and Christopher two chairs but then left without offering us a ride home, so we had to tote the chairs through Boystown, on the bus, and back to Hyde Park. Still unshowered, chairs in hand, exhausted, we went back to Chris's to watch the finale of SATC. I cried when: Mary had her stroke (throughout that sequence), Big picked up Carrie at the hotel, Smith came back to Samantha in the middle of the night, and Charlotte found out they were going to get the baby. And then everyone made fun of me for crying.

Yeah, the straight world sucks.

Oh, and about Horkheimer/Adorno: One of their biggest arguments against the Enlightenment is that it replaced mythology with its own, cleverly-disguised system that was, effectively, still a mythology. And that it's dangerous because it's design is a total system for explaining the universe. But then they go back to argue that such-and-such process reflects the labor-power relationships that have, from what I can tell, they think have operated throughout history. Which, in and of itself, seems to be the same kind of all-explaining system they criticize the Enlightenment for proposing.

...end nerdity...

Woohoo!!!! Only three more weeks until I go to NYC!

Oh my God. It's a picture of Carl Kasell.

Mayor faces CRIMINAL charges for marrying gays.

Frank Rich on the joy of gay marriage.

6:00 PM

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