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hunted by the american dream
Monday, June 30, 2003  
Sadly, a reminder that we still have far to go.

Not to be heteronormative or anything, but I think people should be allowed to get married if that's what they want to do.

A summary:
Sister's visit: good
Pride 2003: good, a little too long in the sun
Picnic @ Point: good, v. fun, lots of friends, got rained on
Sex and the City: still good even though last night was just okay
Soft Power by Matt Segur: good
Benjamin Biolay: bought his CD because I thought he was cute; it's actually good
Landlord: is mad at me because he forgot about the subletter
Waking up at 6:30: never good
the Orange Line: very fun!
Missing Margo: yes
Showtunes: tonight

12:28 PM

Thursday, June 26, 2003  
Let there be gay sex in the streets!

Buy a "W" apron (not the hotel)

I love you like a fat kid love cake.

Oh my God. This provided a good ten minutes of fun at work yesterday. (via the always-linkable Mimi).

10:00 AM

Monday, June 23, 2003  
Not that I would ever blog from work, but...

On Friday the MCA is having a party in lieu of their usual Summer Solstice fare, this time to celebrate the opening of the Thomas Struth photography exhibit. It looks like it'll be a lot of fun. Admission is free for members, $15 for non-members, and the museum will be open and the food will be free. I have some free passes if the blogosphere would like some. Drop me a line, as always.

3:11 PM

Saturday, June 21, 2003  
It's Margo's last night in town and we just got back from Joy-Yee's in Chinatown. We all had a lot of fun with the tapioca balls in the bubble teas, which leads me to conclude that I am actually five years old, not 22.

And, the best part of it was, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN EVER was there. He was SO beautiful and dressed in great jeans that showed off his ass and this fantastic shirt that was all stripes in shades of pink and, get this, HE BROUGHT HIS GRANDMOTHER! I was about to go over and propose that we move to Canada to get married right then and there, immediately after which I would have DIED from fright.

Oh my God. I'm still swooning.

8:40 PM

It went well. They're done and the kids were cute and well-behaved and, while it was crowded, it went well and they sold a lot of books (for a small bookstore). And I saw several kids that I knew from working in the schools here in the neighborhood. Part of the deal was that the kids dressed up like their favorite characters and one of the kids I know was there, dressed up as the Maggie Smith character from the movies in a graduation robe from Columbia.

Common, the Chicago rapper, was also in the building tonight, but not to buy a book - he was at the radio station. My boss pointed him out to me.

To home and my bed.

1:23 AM

Friday, June 20, 2003  
Okay, so I'm now at the Reynolds Club, we're I'm managing the building while 57th St. Books hosts its own Harry Potter launch party. I saw them wheeling in big boxes of books and was so tempted to steal one, mostly to spite the people I know who are salivating in anticipation. So tonight will either be a night of families with little kids dressed up in various kinds of Potter-gear being really cute, or families with little kids dressed up in various kinds of Potter-gear being really annoying. Verdict to come in a later post.

It was kind of exhilarating today to get off the #6 at Michigan and Wacker and walk up the MagMile to work. The streets were packed, especially because today was the "Mile of Music" or something like that, where there were street bands playing all afternoon. We have to wear badges the whole time we're at the museum and there are areas that are restricted to staff only, so the back of the badges has this keycard on it that you wave in front of a sensor to get into the "staff only" areas. I work downtown!

You know, in my last-minute-paper-writing craze, fueled partly by my brief transition from law-abiding citizen to alcohol-hardened outlaw, I forgot to mention that I met Kris and a few of his friends at Showtunes on Monday night, where my dear and very straight friend Chad hung out with us until the bar closed. I realized today that I promised to buy Kris a drink in congratulations for his recent show bookings and that I forgot to do so...so I owe him one.

9:46 PM

I am at the Museum of Contemporary Art for my first day of work. I've got a fancy new email address, too.
5:08 PM

Thursday, June 19, 2003  
Okay, I'm off to lock up the building and then head home to work on my paper. Wish me luck. If any of you are out there, call me on my cell phone tonight and SAVE ME!
5:52 PM

Fucking Christ. I still haven't started on my paper for my Nietzsche class that I have to mail tomorrow.

I'm about to pull an all-nighter and school is OVER. Hear that, Mr. Lilla? OVER!!! He's going to get a shitty paper; as far as I'm concerned, though, it's his own goddamn fault for making it due a week after finals were over.

But after tomorrow I'll be FREE! And Koren and Lakshmi and I are going to host a picnic at The Point next weekend!

5:27 PM

Japanese women love David Beckham.
4:23 PM

UPDATE ON THE ME AS-HARDENED-CRIMINAL NEWS: I finally reached the law office and told them what happened, and they said that it was probably a mistake. That they were probably looking for another John/Jon Quinn

So, sadly (or not?), I am not the criminal I used to be five minutes ago. Now I no longer have a cause of righteous justice to bear against the people at Linebarger, Goggan, Blair, & Sampson, LLP, the City of Chicago, and the Chicago Police Department.

3:47 PM

NeoCon is a journey, not a destination: this explains all those banners I saw floating around northern downtown for the past week or so. It is not, as I had kind of hoped because it would have been absolutely hilarious, a convention for neoconservatives.
12:58 PM

Oooh! I forgot something about last night. Anna gave me a plastic donkey that holds cigarettes in its stomach and, when you pull on its ears, shoots a cigarette out of its ass.
12:42 PM

A place in the East Village in Manhattan for REALLY cheap.
12:40 PM

Okay, so. Yesterday I didn't check my email or do ANY internet-related things. I woke up at noon, did my laundry, grocery shopping, folded my clothes, put my NEW BEDSPREAD on my bed. Then I finished reading The Russian Debutante's Handbook and then I went over to watch that new surfer reality tv show at Ann Marie's. After which we ended up at Jared's, drinking margaritas until 1 AM.

Anyway, I started Sarah Vowell's new one, The Partly Cloudy Patriot, as I was falling asleep.

This morning I went downstair's to get my ex-roommate's NYTimes to read over breakfast, and I picked up my mail. In it was the letter that my boss from last summer had received at work. It was from a law office named Linebarger, Goggan, Blair, & Sampson, LLP. I will quote from it:

The City of Chicago has hired our law firm to represent it in the collection and disposition of the following unpaid fines:
...Court Date: 10/10/02
...Amount: $549.41 (! - ed)
...Description: Drinking in public way.
...Your opportunity to contest this matter has expired...

This was sent to 5001 S. Ellis, which has NEVER been my home and for only TWO months was my workplace. I have NEVER been stopped by the police for drinking in public, never received a ticket from them for doing so, never received anything in the mail from the city or the police about this, but apparently in early October of last year I was written up for drinking in public.

As my boss said to me earlier, "Jon, you'd be smart enough at least to put it in a paper bag."

Whatever. I've been calling this law office for thirty minutes and no one has answered. This has got to be some kind of scam.

Oh, and speaking of gay sex.

Finally, at least for now, I picked up a flyer for the Outdoor Film Festival and they're showing Pillow Talk, by far the best of the Doris Day/Rock Hudson "in the closet but still pretty straight in a 1950s kind of way" movies. Anybody wanna be my date?

12:05 PM

Monday, June 16, 2003  
I'm at the library right now, cleaning out my locker. And there are PEOPLE here. Like, a considerable amount of people, too. What? Can someone tell them that it's SUMMERTIME and BEAUTIFUL outside and they should go play!

Also, the quads are being ripped up to centralize the university's air conditioning systems. And they certainly wasted no time. The last graduation ceremony was yesterday and they already started. In fact, there's a big whole in the ground that almost blocked my path to the library.

Okay, off to Margo's to watch season four of Sex and the City (what else?)

1:43 PM

11:27 AM

I'm on campus and it's pretty empty, which is a comfortable feeling.

I should warn all of you who read my weblog regularly: because I'm technologically backward, I do not have "the internet" at my apartment (in fact, if Phil did what he told me he did, we won't have phone service anymore sometime around now). In addition, I will be working downtown and not on campus. That means...I won't be posting much for the summer! Which I was thinking was no big deal, but now I'm starting to realize that my posting power will be limited for almost FOUR WHOLE MONTHS. Fuck.

And I also realized that we only go to school for about 150 days of the 365-day year, which means that, for the majority of the year, we are not in classes. What do I do with the rest of my time? And why does school dominate my life? Again, fuck. Or rather, fuck this. I'm not worrying about this shit any more. Or at least not until September 29.

Except for this ONE little paper I have to write.

So my apartment is in SHAMBLES right now because of people in the process of moving in/moving out. Yesterday I went around with Joe and Christopher and his cousin Matthew, and when I got back home a lazy boy-style chair, a dresser, a desk, and a bed had appeared in my dining room, adding to the boxes, milk crates, two bookshelves, and other desk that had appeared there while I was in St. Louis. And the problem is this: first, that Julia and Juliana aren't here, so either that shit all stays exactly where it is or I move it into their rooms. But I can't move it into their rooms until my landlord "inspects" the now/soon-to-be-vacant rooms and paints them. So for now and probably the next week I have to live in my messy (yeah, my roommates didn't exactly clean up before they left), transient-feeling apartment. Although this coming weekend, after I start my SWANK-ASS NEW JOB, I'm going to clean like gangbusters because my SISTER is coming to town (!). She really wants to go to Jimmy's and see where I waste all my time and money - but she can't legally get in.

Oh, yesterday I bought Electric Version, the new New Pornographers CD. I didn't know Neko Case was in the band. I like the cd - but then again, I'd like anything with Neko in it. I also bought Lucinda Williams' new album.

Okay, I'm out for now. Showtunes tonight! Margo's LAST showtunes, too!

Oohh...speaking of Showtunes, my plan is to bring aviator glasses, cigarette holder, and sip cosmopolitan.

10:56 AM

Sunday, June 15, 2003  

I'm at the Reynolds Club again. Right now I'm hanging out at a party that Margo and Peter decided to throw for all the graduates in the first floor theater, which is not EXACTLY legal because the building is closed right now. And, because I am both sober and a building manager, I've somehow been thrust into some position of responsibility for what goes on. Which doesn't exactly make me happy.

And I want to see everyone, and feel bad that I'm in such a pissy mood, and I know they want to see me, but damn. It's not easy.

1:40 AM

Saturday, June 14, 2003  
I am HOME!

It is good to be back in Chicago.

I had a pretty rough night last night at Jimmy's and ended up getting sick. Which SUCKS. And I'm usually really able to hold my liquor. I guess it's good that this happens three times a year or so just to remind me of how much I mistreat my liver.

Today was graduation. It's going to be really hard to see everyone leave. And, actually, most people aren't leaving, they're moving up north. And the ones who are leaving are leaving next week or the week after, so I'll get to see them before they go. It's not like this is the end of everything.

Tonight I am going to Tizi Melloul for Margo's graduation dinner. I have to figure out how I'm going to do that seeing as I'm supposed to work until 5 and that's when dinner starts.

4:10 PM

Friday, June 13, 2003  
Hello! I'm still in St. Louis, but in a short hour and a half I will be hopping the Amtrizzak back to Chicago. Last night I went to The Front Row, a SPORTS BAR (!) in the city.

At a place called Rag-o-rama, I purchased, and am now wearing, a polo shirt that used to belong to a Lady Shriner Drum Corps member named Rose.

I'll be back tonight so that I can see graduation tomorrow morning and Showtunes on Monday (maybe they'll have some clips from the Tonys) and, oh, yeah, to write my paper for Nietzsche. School blows.

12:20 PM

Wednesday, June 11, 2003  
I'm in Pacific, MO. I haven't seen Nelly, yet. We're going to the show tonight.
1:53 PM

Monday, June 09, 2003  
I have an exam tomorrow for Civ, so this will be the only post of the day.

I am at admissions, having come straight here from breakfast at my div school teacher's house. The females of the class never came, so it was just us four "boys" and our teacher. It was nice - we talked about everything from grad school to pro-wrestling.

Tomorrow after the exam I am going to St. Louis. I won't be back until Thursday night, so I won't be posting until then. I'm going to see my friend Katie in their Shakespeare Festival production of Macbeth (I'm not in a theater so I can say it). I'll let you all know what happens when I return. ROAD TRIP!

Yesterday I worked a party for a friend of my boss. I am now a master grill.

I think that's all I have to say. I'm going to go home and eat lunch now (via libraries to return books + UT to talk to Chloe)

1:43 PM

Saturday, June 07, 2003  
UPDATE: I mistakenly referred to GERALD Boyd, the managing editor of the NYTimes, as Arthur Boyd in yesterday's post.
2:39 PM

Alumni reunion weekend + 57th St. Art Fair + really nice day = a LOT of people outside, in clothing made for weather like this (O! I remember only a few months ago wearing four layers and still feeling the single-digit weather pass right through my coat. Blessed seasons!).

It's a pretty beautiful day. And only seven days to graduation. Seven days for me to say goodbye (sort of) to everyone.

I slept until noon today. It was amazing. Then I woke up, listened to Maria Callas and read (something I have not done since the fall). Made breakfast, read some more, contemplated, on my walk to campus, how wonderful and fulfilling it is to live in a city like this, where the warm weather just drags people outside.

In Maria Callas news, if you're in Italy you can go see her stage jewels.

2:37 PM

Friday, June 06, 2003  
Bling bling, indeed.
11:57 PM

I am also currently contemplating the wisdom of posting about a crush that I have on someone that goes to the same school; hell, even posting about a crush generally. I have NO idea who reads the page, except for what my site meter tells me (thanks, Air Force dude), but the U of C weblog circle is pretty thick, and it's not that hard to find my webpage. Maybe it wasn't the best idea. Oh well.
11:49 PM

Delicious agendabender has a fantastic post on the impact that MTV has had on perception of homosexuality in the US. And it's about TATU, too, who are like my favorite Russian lesbian pop duo ever.

Aaron, U of C weblogger extraodinaire, has a good post about weblog manners.

Howell Raines and Arthur Boyd resigned as editors at the Times today. Good news, I guess. Ultimately I feel like it's an action that represents good leadership - being willing to take responsibility for the actions - ALL actions - that happen under your leadership of an organization, whether corporate or not, is a difficult thing. It takes time to learn.

This weekend is alumni reunion weekend, which means, to a certain extent, a lot of drunk old people milling about wailing about "their time here." This morning I sat on a panel with Lakshmi, Bryson, and Jen for the Alumni Schools Committee, who are the people in charge of scheduling interviews for the U of C. It went pretty well, they seemed to enjoy talking to us. Afterwards, Ted (Dean of Admissions) came up to me and said: "Thanks again, Jon. You were great. I'm sure I'll catch you at Jimmy's sometime soon." I gave a little mock-offended (well, kind of also offended) shriek and he murmured something about me having a reputation.

This along with what happened at Iberico on Wednesday night and I'm convinced THIS boss of mine thinks I'm an alcoholic (my theater bosses certainly don't, but I think Kelly did when she was here).
Here's the scene at Iberico. There are about twenty of us there: the PSAC board and a few of the assistant directors from admissions, Ted, his wife...
Waitress: So I assume everyone here is 21, right?
[the people who are nod vaguely and the people who aren't just sort of look downwards or at the people in charge]
Me [taking charge]: Yes. Yes we are.
Waitress: So everyone wants sangria? Should I bring some for everyone?
[no one is committing, people are just glancing aside]
Me [again]: Yes, please. Thank you!
Ted: Thanks Jon. I knew you'd take care of that one.

I see him at Jimmy's THREE times. I'm done for.

11:28 PM

Another shift until 2 AM. Expect many inane posts.

And if any of you are out there, send me an email. Keep me company.

9:28 PM

Thursday, June 05, 2003  
All right, one last thing before I go...

Martha Stewart speaks.

2:05 AM

The Coors Wingman commercial.

The Belgians on why one should use condoms.

My friends just left. Only 15 more minutes and then I can go home.

1:49 AM

Wednesday, June 04, 2003  
The Times front page photo from today was pretty awesome. You can't get a really good look at it online, but you may have seen it on newsstands. It's pretty fucking rad.

Peter Maas of Slate tells us that Salam Pax is real.

Arts & Letters has a permanent link to a smoke-free version of CARMEN

Last summer I worked at a tutoring day camp. My "homeroom" was a group of five or six sassy second and third grade girls. And one boy, who was largely unable to get a word in edgewise. Every week we would take them on field trips - we took them to the Harold Washington Library and afterward ate underneath the Calder flamingo in Federal Plaza. On the way up, my boss, who was driving the van, refused to accede to the wishes of the girls, who wanted to listen to stations like Power 92 and B96.3. He had put on NPR and the dude from FOUND Magazine was talking about a tape he'd found that was basically a rap, but slowed down. It was fucking hilarious, but the girls were not amused.

Okay, some friends arrived. Gotta go.

11:39 PM

I'm back from dinner. It was nice. I took a lot of people back in Heidi's car that had had a little too much sangria. And now, because it's the last night of classes for the YEAR, everyone is going out to play but I'm stuck here at work, feeling generally shitty because I don't get to go out and play and, of course, because I haven't gotten a response, and probably never will. Hey, JRQ, that's why you don't do these kinds of things, so that you won't end up feeling even mildly shitty at any given point.

What sucks most, probably, is that I'm stuck here at work, alone, with nothing to read (not even school work!) and nothing to listen to except The Smiths and the new Beck, neither of which are terribly uplifting.

Anyway, if any of you in the blogosphere are out there, send me an email. We'll talk. You can distract me.

For fun, though, here is Martha Stewart's indictment. From, of course, The Smoking Gun.

9:51 PM

Walking down the street with Margo and Fay. I'm at the quarter of 57th and Woodlawn, crossing the street. Streetwise guy says: "Streetwise. I got the new one." I say, "No, thanks." He comes back with: "You always say that."

A little bit later down the walk, at 57th and Kenwood, I'm smoking a cigarette and we move around these two high school girls who are having a conversation.
Girl: [segues from topic of conversation to a loud COUGH] And then I'll tell you to stop smoking because then you'll live longer.

3:51 PM

I posted today from my "day job" for the first time - that is, my job at University Theater, where I work 10 hours a week (as opposed to my "night job" in the basement of the Reynolds Club).

Guess what: I was bored at work!

I have one more day on the job for the academic year (Friday) and, while I could start some projects, it makes little sense to do so since I won't "officially" be back in the office here until September 22. So I just sat around most of the day, because the people I was supposed to meet with all either didn't show up or cancelled on me.

We're having a dinner tonight at Iberico downtown to celebrate the end of the year for my THIRD job, this one at admissions, which will include the dean, my boss, the outgoing board members, and the incoming board members. Margo (the outgoing chair) and I (the incoming chair) are about to go to Walgreen's to buy gag gifts for the outgoing board members and then downtown to pick up a gift certificate for a facial for our boss.

Wow. That makes me sound all official-like and busy.

3:35 PM

Okay, so still no response to the email. It wasn't a "hey let's be boyfriends email" but something like a "coy attempt at electronic flirtation" email. He must obviously hate my guts. I'm giving him until tonight, at which point I will give up.

Fun links:
Save Martha! (via Jonno)
God Loves You With All His Fucking Heart (via Chris)

1:48 PM

Tuesday, June 03, 2003  

The library is not now, has never been, and never will be, a:
-conference room
-romper room
-place to meet guys/girls
-location for student organization meetings
-a place to talk loudly
-a place for telephone conversations

The library is, in fact, a place for quiet study. A place that allows you the space, lighting, and lack of distractions to enable you to study well for your finals so that you have the opportunity to perform well on them.


10:26 PM

My referrals are getting more and more interesting.

Several references to Monica Belluci getting fucked, Gary Shteyngart, and "how to get bloody mary when you someone her" have popped up.

9:12 PM

I'm in the MacLab in the basement of the Regenstein. What I'm supposed to be doing: working on my final response for the Nietzsche class. Oh, but hey, I DON'T GIVE A SHIT. What I'm really doing: blog-surfing, corresponding with Lakshmi (who is actually sitting about twenty feet away from me).

One of my bloody mary nemeses is working here tonight. Oh, oops...maybe I'll just dump my big-ass cup of really hot coffee on his LAP.

Chloe has been saying that I don't seem very happy lately. When I told Heidi that I feel tired and hungry all the time, she said that that may mean I'm unhappy. I don't FEEL unhappy (although this post is really bitchy so far). Heidi eventually conceded that my being tired and hungry all the time may have something to do with the fact that I'm a full-time student and work three jobs and am ALWAYS moving.

To think I left the Gilmore Girls for sitting in the basement of the library (shut up. Don't judge me on my taste in TV shows.)

So, cute tour guide has not written back yet. And it's been almost 24 hours.
Him not writing back = He totally hates my guts and never wants to see me, ever, again

Maybe I need to chain smoke and think about it.

8:51 PM

Monday, June 02, 2003  
Not much to report today...the discussion on feminist theology was interesting, leaving me feeling more confident in my desire to study theology: there IS serious work to be done here, and I think I have something to contribute...got $35,000 for UT from the Programming Coordinating Council, a group of the six largest student organizations on campus...don't want to do my Civ reading for class tomorrow...cleaned my room and moved my bed by the window that actually opens in my room; maybe it will be warmer soon so I can actually open the window.

In other news, cute tour guide and I ran into each other today. I sent him an email to congratulate him about getting a job downtown at a popular clothing store. Things are moving.

9:50 PM

Sunday, June 01, 2003  
More search engine fun: I am the #1 search item for "hillary swank american dreams".

I also got my first international hit today. From the UK.

4:27 PM

Well, I really want to keep reading Not The Thing I Was, but after staring at photocopied pages all day, I'm not in the mood to read anymore. So I'll find something mindless to do for the next 45 minutes until I get to go home.

I should really do laundry tonight but I also really don't want to spend two hours in the laundromat. So maybe I'll just find some "creative clothing solutions" for tomorrow and do my laundry with Miguel tomorrow afternoon.

I haven't really thought much about this, but we're rolling into 10th week, the final week of classes. Only four more class sessions to go before I'll have finished my third year of college. Only three weeks until I start my summer job. Only one more paper to write, one more exam to take. I can't wait.

4:21 PM


Just finished 77 pages, divided over three different articles, of feminist theology. I have a lot to say in class tomorrow, now, and I recaptured a bit of that old discipline that I used to have.

But God help me, I do NOT know what I'll do if I read something ever again with the word the(a)ology, the word messiness, with quotation marks surrounding words, like "this," or with paragraphs surrounding words (like this).

I don't know. I'll probably be sick.

3:28 PM

UPDATE: The Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School, where Not The Thing I Was takes place, is actually STILL in existence here at the university.

UPDATE part II: Mr. Baude replied to my post on the courtship article. In it, aside from misspelling my name, he questioned why I addressed it to them. I know that there's an affirmative action discussion going on over there right now, and he managed to make my post about dating into a post about affirmative action somehow, but I was addressing the blog because it has, in the past, discussed issues of marriage (as I've noticed in the few times I've visited), and I've noticed a tendency to conflate categories over there. For example, no matter how much Andrew Sullivan might like, gay marriage is not equal to straight marriage. They're not the same thing. Or even, as Mr. Baude points out in his response to me, with his ability to take the issue of dating and transform it into such diverse issues as the "don't ask, don't tell" policy as well as gay-centered affirmative action (that's never gonna happen, though, take it from me). You can't use the same rubric to evaluate three different issues. Because they're different issues.

I do apologize my own conflation of the authors as "super-libertarians." But I can accord myself that luxury because my weblog is not about being rationally consistent, it's about precisely the opposite, I'd say (which is why I can be inanely political in one post and talk about things like hott boyz in the next). I'd say I revel in my rational inconsistency. Ask Sara and see what she thinks.

But mostly I'm just archly miffed that my name got misspelled.

12:21 PM

It's weird when you're walking to campus and it's before 8 AM and the only people you see are the cars driving by and that guy selling the Sunday paper on the corner of 55th and Woodlawn and a few early-rising middle-aged parents with kids getting coffee and croissants for breakfast and the quadrangles are empty and you feel like it's all yours. That you can inhabit all of that space at once because it's empty. And then, around 11, everyone else starts waking up, and they start crowding all that space, the entire neighborhood that you once filled up all by yourself. And you have to pull yourself back inward and make room for the other people because they, too, have a right to be here. But you get a precious few moments of seeing the absolute stillness of a morning and of having that feeling that it all belongs to you.
11:21 AM

Did I ever tell anyone that Schubert is beautiful?

I've been sitting here, drinking coffee from the Med and going back and forth between web-surfing and reading article #2 of 3 by Beverly Wildung Harrison, and listening to Ian Bostridge sing a collection of Schubert's songs. I actually saw Mr. Bostridge in his Chicago premiere, which was two and a half years ago here on campus, and he's a cutie. A prime candidate for a husband for me, too: a PhD in History from Oxford with a beautiful voice and an impressive singing career. Welcome home!

9:37 AM

Ooohhhh...just saw in the NYTimes that this year's G-8 summit is in Evian, France. How posh!

I'm going to try and keep the posting to a minimum today because I realize that I wrote about a billion pages worth of shit yesterday. I posted like a mofo, indeed.

Last night I had a tame evening. I fell asleep at around 6 while reading and didn't wake up until 7:30 (I was a tired baby). Then Sara and I bought some Ben & Jerry's at the Coop, ordered some Giordano's Pizza, and watched The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (extended version) with Miguel. Some thoughts: those guys on the horses that were trying to get the ring were really scary! They kinda freaked me out every time they came on screen. Liv Tyler? I mean, come on. Hugo Weaving! Yay! Now I understand how contentious the debate between the Orlando Bloom fans and the Viggo Mortensen fans.

It's also interesting to think about what it means that the two blockbuster trilogies that have sort of defined American (popular?) culture in the early 21st century are The Lord of the Rings and The Matrix. How these two are related, what they're about, and how they are reflections of the zeitgeist (or manipulators thereof, perhaps?), if you will.

I actually didn't finish the movie. Because I was tired and had to get up really early this morning, I went to bed after we got through the first disk and fell asleep at 11:30 PM on a Saturday night. Wow.

8:56 AM

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